Weston Interiors offers the following services:

Drywall Installation
We do all sizes of drywall installation jobs, from small patches, to bathroom or kitchen remodels, to whole house installations.

Drywall Finishing
If the drywall on your job is already installed, and you simply need it finished, we can provide this service which includes taping, coating, and finishing (which includes texturing, if necessary).

Destructive Testing
We do most kinds of diagnostic testing to determine the location of a problem. Often it's necessary to remove portions or a wall or ceiling to locate the source of a problem, such as a water leak, mildew, or a crack that reappears even after it's been repeatedly repaired. Cracks that keep reappearing are often caused by settling, improper installation, or improper framing. Once the problem is located and repaired, the drywall is reinstalled and finished to match the existing wall or ceiling.

Repairs are often necessary after a plumber or electrician has finished their work. Repairs are also often needed due to water damage or holes caused by an object penetrating the drywall surface. Some examples of repairs we do:

  • Popped nails that are showing through
  • Inside corners or outside cornerbead or bullnose dented or damaged
  • Doorknob holes or other large holes in walls or ceilings
  • Sagging ceilings
  • Loose joint tape or exposed seams

We make our best effort to match the existing texture so the repair is not evident.

Residential Remodels
Weston Interiors will work with your general contractor to provide drywall installation and finishing on your residential remodels from bath and kitchen remodels to room additions.

Surface Preparation
Surface preparation is often necessary when wallpaper is removed, or the wall surface needs to be smoothed for wallpaper application. Sanding down or skim coating over existing walls or ceilings is often needed to repair a surface which has more than one texture.



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